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About Us

What Is The G.P.C.C?

The Greater Pontiac Community Coalition is all about action.

This organization of community groups and businesses has, since it was founded in 1994, banded together to do much more than talk, but to create change for the better, in the lives of the people and the communities of Oakland County.

The Greater Pontiac Community Coalition is a federation of over 190 Oakland County individuals, community groups, businesses, politicians, and clergy who have pooled their resources and talents to address the needs of individuals and the community. Long established groups as well as new associations, work together, under one umbrella, to see that they all meet their goals without duplicating efforts in the community.

 How It All Started

In 1994 Reverend Douglas P. Jones, a community activist and pastor of Welcome Missionary Baptist Church in Pontiac, observed that there were many community help groups in the Pontiac area but they were disjointed and often working at cross purposes, with little results. Hoping to come up with a way for groups to clarify their purposes, he sent out 50 invitations to individuals in a variety of community groups to meet together. Reverend Jones hit a responsive cord. One hundred people came to the first meeting! Although Reverend Jones original idea was to put together some white papers on major concerns of the community, the spirited meeting led to much more than that. The consensus was to become an action group not a policy group. The first step was to come up with a set of goals and missions, on which to base and measure the action of the Greater Pontiac Community Coalition.

Today the Greater Pontiac Community Coalition holds a meeting the second Monday of each month. The entire membership is invited but generally a core group of 25 to 30 attend representing different segments. The Greater Pontiac Community Coalition moves quickly to resolve or offer assistance to issues facing our community.

Mission Statement & Goals

The mission of the Greater Pontiac Community Coalition is “To use actions and advocacy to bring about needed individual, social, and institutional change to strengthen our community.”



 Increase Community Participation.

Increase the number of local, corporate, and business supporters.

 Increase Safety & City Image.

Increase Youth In Government and Business.

Identify scholarship’s for youth.

 Strengthen downtown business growth through the Coalition’s and Woodward Dream Cruise.

 Curb Substance and Physical Abuse

 Assist in the prevention of substance abuse.

 Promote educational excellence and family values.

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