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Youth In Government

Youth In Government

50th District Court :

The students that attend this site should express some interest in law and our court system.  They learn how our judicial system runs on a local level of government.


Oakland County Sheriff Department:

This site gives you a brief overview of how our County Jail System operates, the sheriff (Michael Bouchard) speaks with the students, and express to them that everyone have choices, and you should strive to make the correct choice, to prevent from dealing with the court system.

Pontiac Board of Education:

The students attend this site to see how our Schools are ran, they have opportunity to interact, and give their opinions on today’s school issues. Also they have an opportunity to meet the Superintendent, and some Board Members.

General Motors:

To give the students the opportunity to learn about productivity in shipping and receiving.  Product Quality Control to speak with management team on education and career choices.

State Capital:

To visit the State Representative for our district and tour the capital building, to be introduced on the state and house.

Oakland Technical Northeast Campus: 

Gives the Middle School students the opportunity to experience , culinary, business, health sciences and cosmetology.  Geared to promote the programs offered to our students at no cost to them.

Oakland University:

To promote higher education and to gain knowledge on career goal setting and career building.  Also to give insight on private funding college and Universities.

City of Pontiac:

To learn about government at the City level.

Auch Construction:

To learn the construction business and architectural industry.

Michigan Works:

Learn about training courses and talent development, career and apprenticeship. 

Appreciation Banquet:

To give our appreciation to the students, teachers, principles, and site locations for participating in the Youth In Government Program.


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